Today is Monday, but I feel like working! I’m going out of the house, there are few people around.

After a weekend of apparent apocalypse, I want to think that everything is going on anyway and that even today, for the next months, our desire to do in the responsibility of the common good will not fail.

Everything will be more virtual (interviews, contacts, business relations) but we won’t stop.

The R-Consulting team

Company authorized by the Ministry of Labor for Research and Personnel Selection – Prot. 13/I/0004474 and for the Professional Relocation Prot. 39/0002719/Ma004.A003Società autorizzata dal Ministero del Lavoro per la Ricerca e Selezione del Personale – Prot. 13/I/0004474 e per il Ricollocamento Professionale Prot. 39/0002719/Ma004.A003