Join our virtual coffee! 08/05/2020

Join our virtual coffee on Friday 8th May at 4pm to have a chat on Phase 2!

Dear coffee, how much I miss you … And yes, coffee, the right time to have a chat with the collaborators. Now it’s not always possible and, moreover, with due precautions, without holding hands, without a pat on the shoulder and … that genuine sharing where we find it?
Coffee, a managerial communication tool!
Yes, not everyone had noticed it but, in part, it was … a jovial moment of listening … the coffee with the “Boss”.
So how do we do it? Each of us lost behind an FFp2, or a surgical mask, who barely discovers the eyes and does not even see the irony of a smile … or watch the evening report to download on SalesForce, or the Excel file of an operator in SmartWorking … they are just numbers, and WHERE IS NON-VERBAL communication?
The topic of employee management today poses several new food for thought, and it is necessary to review one’s leadership and communication styles. For this reason, for the recovery, we thought of this “virtual coffee”.


From R-Consulting Team

TRAINING TAYLOR-MADE COVID19: the new horizons of synchronous managerial training

For R-Consulting srl, training has always meant creating a personalized path, for each company, on the drivers of soft skills. For us, training on transversal skills is essentially working with experiential training. Prerequisite for experiential training is to work with the 5 senses (touch, smell, sight, hearing, taste), and precisely for this reason, for the fact that Covid19 has “stolen” two senses (so say the sick) – I say 3, also touch -, we reinvented distance learning.
Managing collaborators at a physical distance of one meter, without a handshake, without “a pat on the shoulder” or, worse still, in constant smartworking, is not like managing a collaborator closely or doing a classroom work group, or selling via a webinar.

Here, then, that new tools must be experimented, and lived different experiences, right online, in “synchronous interactive” mode.

Here are some themes:

  • Who is my internal client? What secret sale should I make?
  • Better alone and well accompanied: methods and motivations for teamwork (online experiences with survival kit shipped home)
  • The 5 languages ​​that make the customer “fall in love”
  • The new leaders at the time of Covid19: techniques and methods of communication and motivation with practical exercises
  • Responsibility coaches … online: the leaders of remote change
  • Working in a team in this VUCA Market… R (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, and now also Risky)

If you have funded plans, all the better; if you have activated the layoffs, let’s evaluate it. But it is needed immediately, because being a remote manager can only be learned by doing distance training.


Improve business best practices and accelerate the change processes that Covid 19 has imposed on us and which will continue to impose indefinitely.

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Even in a moment of discouragement such as Italy is still going through, the world of Human Resources does not stop at nothing and the selection processes continue!

R-Consulting S.r.l has researched and selected a new accountant for TIKappapi.

The selection and insertion processes within the company took place via smart-working methods, which made the process stimulating and captivating, giving this experience the power to transmit positivity and hope.

From Raffaella’s beautiful testimony we can understand how, even if distant, what makes an optimal and profitable organization are the people who are part of it and continue to make a difference. People who welcomed a new colleague with open arms with the hope of being able to collaborate in person as soon as possible.



The R-Consulting Team


Webinar CDO Emilia of April 17th held by Barbara Farina, Senior partner & CEO dedicated to Counseling “Not for yourself”: Working calm and motivated at the time of Covid19.



The R-Consulting Team

There is a TIME in the time of COVID19: ISOLATED BUT NOT ALONE

What can I do for my employees?


“They say there is a time for sowing and one that you want to wait for. There is a perfect time to be silent and to know how to tell our children when it is the silent hour of the fairies … It is time that nothing escapes fear … “I listen to Ivano Fossati while I walk around. Or rather I go around the house (movement space allowed since the last SELF-CERTIFICATION)

The weather, the days, everything has changed. We spent years and lessons in Time Management, in reconciling life and work, to tell us that it was impossible to slow down and work from home!

Yet a virus … it changed our life in 30 days and even less, and gave us back time … and … everything Fossati says is true, if not that we, together with that, have the FEAR, SO FEAR.

Since yesterday evening, our first horizon seems to be April 14th. Perhaps staggered, structured, it is not yet known how, we will begin to take possession of time, and therefore also of our work. We will find ourselves going out and having to get in touch with FEAR, because not everything will be under control !!

So here is our challenge: “LIVE IN FEAR OR ACCEPT SOME RISK BUT LIVE? …”

Our managers, our employers, our administrators will have to train their empathy to motivate people!

Here is our proposal: to support, as professionals, employees who lose motivation because of fear.

Barbara Farina (CEO R Consulting S.r.l.)
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