“Social Team Building” Outdoor Training

Today we experienced the value of working close together by carefully listening others, yet deeply listening, understanding others needs thus stimulating their growing. Our friends with disabilities really transmitted us important values, manly the value of listening which is not fully expressed by most of the Managers nowadays.

Thus for every single Manager listening is a crucial asset to achieve the targets.

“Leadership Training” Outdoor Training

What does the team work mean? Off course together we can arrive where we can’t as individuals. Even in that case the deep listening and the observation are crucial assets to achieve the common goals.

This means to have a clear understating of how we impact others, aiming to fine tune the way we communicate.

So the today’s purpose was to work on the self awareness, to make everybody able to model the own style according to the others needs.

Communicate correctly is a key of being successful when we need the right collaboration from our Colleagues, which is a crucial aspect to get things correctly done.

“Team building” training Outdoor

How our leadership impact the daily business? Adapt our style to different scenarios such as different persons is strongly important.

Leading people by example…in other words “being a role model”….walk the talk…

In fact trough our behavior we can transmit directly what we would like to see within our working places, saying doesn’t work as the recent results has shown to us.

Today our friends with disabilities transmitted the importance of welcoming as well as of smiling, yet delivering their positiveness.

Are you more willing to follow a positive or a negative leader?

“Climbing to the top”! Outdoor training

The value of team building as the engine of success, the power that feeds the energy we need to face the work related stress. Working together, struggle together, solve problems together, feeling part of a team with which we can share the daily difficulties…together towards the success.

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