What can I do for my employees?

It is only by listening to and reworking one’s fears that one becomes master of oneself and of the change that is taking place.
Covid19 has changed us in living everyday life.

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“You may not be responsible for the situation you’re in, but you will be if you do nothing to change it.”
(Martin Luther King)

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The team Building (in approximate Italian with construction of the group, which is however termed
(general), in the field of human resources, constitutes a set of training activities,
variously defined as team games, team experience, team wellbeing (recreational, experiential or
of well-being), the purpose of which is the formation of a group of people.

The construction of the working group can be done in several ways, including:

  • Indoor: in the classroom with the help of small techniques or “short techniques”. With the participation of
    of the individual subjects through direct activities with role simulations (role play),
    movies, case histories, discussions, business games.
  • outdoor: outside the classroom, these are exercises that allow the use of metaphors such as
    example the team play activities (softair, escape-room, rugby, mountaineering, rafting,
    etc.). From these activities one learns from a real but unfamiliar situation, in many people
    cases in contact with nature, facing concrete challenges and difficulties. To make the activity
    of outdoor training every experience must be followed by a moment of
    Reflection (debriefing) in which feelings and emotions experienced in the trial are collected.
    This helps individuals to connect the experience with their own reality, do
    so a conceptualisation of content.

The purpose of team building is to build the team, that is to create positive dynamics
that allow the company’s objectives to be achieved. In addition, to achieve the well-being of
all the workers.

The R-Consulting team


Today is Monday, but I feel like working! I’m going out of the house, there are few people around.

After a weekend of apparent apocalypse, I want to think that everything is going on anyway and that even today, for the next months, our desire to do in the responsibility of the common good will not fail.

Everything will be more virtual (interviews, contacts, business relations) but we won’t stop.

The R-Consulting team

Reinventing yourself with Giovanni Indulti, CEO of ATK Bindings

R-Consulting at the lunch organized by CDO with entrepreneur Giovanni Indulti, CEO of ATK

Can one renew oneself at work? Make your skills and experience the foundation of a future company?

Here is an example of change with the testimony of Giovanni Indulti, founder of ATK Bindings.

Giovanni Indulti

Entrepreneur of a milling and metalworking company at the service of classic companies in the industrial area of Sassuolo, five years ago he decided to invest in a niche sector by taking over the patent of a famous ski mountaineering binding, expired twenty years ago and making it an exclusive element. Thus was born a new brand, Atk Race, the NX World Cup race binding that was the 2008 and 2009 world champion of ski mountaineering.


What is coaching?

It is a personal development methodology in which a person (called a coach) supports a client or student (called a coachee) in achieving a specific personal, professional or sporting goal.

Coaching aims to develop in the individual the ability to make full use of his potential, through comparison, active reflection on his own action schemes to orient them in the direction of making him more performing in the contexts of his life.

Coaching usually accelerates the person’s progress because it helps him to better understand and develop the innate skills that the individual has within himself.

However, one must consider that in order to make a positive change in one’s life one must change, even if this effort is painful and does not fall within one’s comfort zone. One of the characteristics that will be developed to a great extent in the coaching exercise is: adaptability, the key to any success in the personal and work environment.

In conclusion, the reflection, revision and final learning of new ways of expression allow the individual to achieve his goals, thus enhancing the balance between working and private life.

This is our goal, to be achieved together.

The R-Consulting team


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