What can I do for my employees?


“They say there is a time for sowing and one that you want to wait for. There is a perfect time to be silent and to know how to tell our children when it is the silent hour of the fairies … It is time that nothing escapes fear … “I listen to Ivano Fossati while I walk around. Or rather I go around the house (movement space allowed since the last SELF-CERTIFICATION)

The weather, the days, everything has changed. We spent years and lessons in Time Management, in reconciling life and work, to tell us that it was impossible to slow down and work from home!

Yet a virus … it changed our life in 30 days and even less, and gave us back time … and … everything Fossati says is true, if not that we, together with that, have the FEAR, SO FEAR.

Since yesterday evening, our first horizon seems to be April 14th. Perhaps staggered, structured, it is not yet known how, we will begin to take possession of time, and therefore also of our work. We will find ourselves going out and having to get in touch with FEAR, because not everything will be under control !!

So here is our challenge: “LIVE IN FEAR OR ACCEPT SOME RISK BUT LIVE? …”

Our managers, our employers, our administrators will have to train their empathy to motivate people!

Here is our proposal: to support, as professionals, employees who lose motivation because of fear.

Barbara Farina (CEO R Consulting S.r.l.)
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