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Richiedi un preventivo

The counselling intervention aims to rebalance the individual’s relationship with reality, putting him or her in a position to express his or her inner potential to the fullest.

This work is done with great care, based on the valuable element of the relationship with the counsellor that supports, protects and develops the inner assets possessed by the individual in a more functional manner.

A wealth of internal experiences such as emotions, ways of thinking and acting that are shaped by life experience over the years.

Thus, each of us develops an original lifestyle that at certain times in our lives can expose us to suffering and/or failures; defences can thus emerge that do not allow us to express it to the fullest, thus not allowing us to come out of this suffering grown up in our own human baggage.

We are often unaware of these defences, they worked at one time (acting with the lesser evil), but now they limit the correct psychological expression of the individual as a whole.

In fact, we all have at our disposal a repertoire of emotional and cognitive resources that, if well managed, precisely analysed, can lead us towards a satisfying life in all the areas marked by our existential line.

This course can be implemented in person or as a webinar.

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