Remote Working in efficiency


This way of working is essentially an organisational model that intervenes in the relationship between the individual and the company. It proposes autonomy in working methods to achieve results and envisages a change in the way work is carried out even within the company site.

Remote Working is not teleworking: it is above all a paradigm that envisages a revision of the leadership and organisational model, reinforcing the concept of collaboration and favouring the sharing of spaces. From a ‘remote’ perspective, the true working space is one that fosters people’s creativity, generates relationships that transcend company boundaries, stimulates new ideas and thus new business.

In the light of this, Remote Working can certainly be a great opportunity, however it must be noted that it is usually initiated by a profound cultural change in the company and that it requires an evolution of the company’s organisational models, thus it becomes of the utmost importance to create a detailed roadmap step by step of the change that is taking place as well as, obviously, to clearly define in the eyes of the employees the roles and the relevant tasks that will have to be performed.

The introduction and mapping of Remote Working contributes to the re-evaluation of the ESG index linked to the Sustainability Report ( )

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