Skills Report

It is a useful tool for people to define their professional development and is related to continuous training and active labour policy actions. It is an individual path, in which, accompanied and supported by a counsellor, one reconstructs one’s educational and professional history and on that basis draws up one’s personal and professional development project.

What is it useful for?

1. To increase self-awareness;

2. To define the areas of employment of one’s professionalism;

3. To define areas for improvement and thus training for career development.

It is therefore a very useful tool to use when we decide that the work we are doing no longer satisfies us.

The personal resources identified represent the individual pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that need to be combined to create the synthesis of the professional objective that will allow you to move in search of information to find out what the real professional opportunities are in the labour market and subsequently to start looking for work.

This course can be implemented in person or as a webinar.

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