Even in a moment of discouragement such as Italy is still going through, the world of Human Resources does not stop at nothing and the selection processes continue!

R-Consulting S.r.l has researched and selected a new accountant for TIKappapi.

The selection and insertion processes within the company took place via smart-working methods, which made the process stimulating and captivating, giving this experience the power to transmit positivity and hope.

From Raffaella’s beautiful testimony we can understand how, even if distant, what makes an optimal and profitable organization are the people who are part of it and continue to make a difference. People who welcomed a new colleague with open arms with the hope of being able to collaborate in person as soon as possible.



The R-Consulting Team

Company authorized by the Ministry of Labor for Research and Personnel Selection – Prot. 13/I/0004474 and for the Professional Relocation Prot. 39/0002719/Ma004.A003Società autorizzata dal Ministero del Lavoro per la Ricerca e Selezione del Personale – Prot. 13/I/0004474 e per il Ricollocamento Professionale Prot. 39/0002719/Ma004.A003