Feedback as a useful tool for Leadership!

The concept of feedback is a much-quoted concept in Human Resources, particularly when it comes to Relational Leadership. Giving feedback and doing so as correctly as possible is anything but simple.

Did you know that our willingness to receive feedback is limited by the quality of the relationship between us and the other person and the ability of the person giving feedback to value the other person?

Moreover, one should not forget the empathic dimension in which the person giving feedback – the leader if we are talking about leadership – talks about themselves, their own experiences and failures as moments of learning and growth that can be used by the other as points of reference.

What must absolutely be remembered when talking about feedback is that it is aimed atlearning and change (of knowledge, skills, attitudes), not reproach or gratification. It is therefore necessary for the leader to put himself/herself in a proactive attitude that leads him/her to tell about him/herself before giving feedback, leading the other person to constant improvement.


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