Hybrid work: an interesting synthesis of remote work and traditional work

The recent pandemic crisis has led to the need to completely rethink traditional ways of working, with a trend towards working from home, although in Italy it is called remote working. What has become a way of working in recent months, for many companies (and this figure is set to grow) is now an acquired concept that is becoming fundamental. It seems almost “impossible to go back”.

The term hybrid work was developed precisely in this context, in which the way of working has changed for everyone and in which physical access to offices is no longer the sine qua non for carrying out a professional activity and connecting with superiors, colleagues, co-workers, customers and suppliers. Even owning an office is no longer as essential, just think of co-working spaces.

Hybrid work is a work method that includes both the presence of employees in offices and remote working, i.e. from anywhere where there is an internet connection and an electronic device.

Hybrid work is much more than a middle ground between traditional work and remote working, as it represents a synthesis of the two activities. This presents an extraordinary growth opportunity for companies. The idea that productivity is linked to the achievement of personal and company goals, rather than to the hours spent at the workplace, is a cornerstone of hybrid work, which aims to rationalise business activities as much as possible and concentrate only when needed an adequate number of resources on company premises.

Whereas, until recently, time cards and other forms of control were indispensable for monitoring employee access to offices, the reality has now changed, as staff work can be monitored through access to the company server and other means. And, in any case, the hybrid way of working is based (or should be based) on a solid foundation of trust, mutual respect and effective communication. This way, one is not required to check the employee’s work, but to evaluate the results that they deliver.

Clearly, there is still a long way to go for balanced hybrid work, the preconditions for such a corporate culture need to be created. A broad-minded company, ready to face change with courage and flexibility is needed.


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