Reskilling in the Company: the key strategy for the company that wishes to prosper

The world of work is constantly changing and the need to learn new skills is ever present. If you are a company, how should you proceed if these changes affect your business? The Reskilling strategy might be the right way to go.

Reskilling: what does this mean?

The term “reskilling” refers to the opportunity the company provides for an employee, combined with the employee’s commitment, to acquire new knowledge and skills necessary to perform a new job task, different from the one he or she is currently doing. This strategy provides several benefits to the company, which we will elaborate on shortly.

It differs from upskilling, a strategy whereby employees are trained to acquire new skills to continue in their current jobs.

But back to the concept of reskilling in business, why is it so important today that it is defined as the winning strategy for companies that want to prosper? Firstly, the practice of reskilling allows the company not to hire new resources and thus to save money on the costs of new hires, costs that are increasingly high. It also allows you to keep your company competitive on the market: thanks to reskilling, your company’s employees always have up-to-date skills, bringing added value to their work. Furthermore, reskilling can help stimulate your employees to acquire new professional skills in areas new to them. Having the opportunity to try out a new job can in fact be an interesting growth experience for employees, especially younger ones. Lastly, a reskilling strategy allows one to create a workforce that is ready to face any change and, in a historical period such as ours, it has become crucial to be able to embrace challenges, remaining in the “here and now”, in order to be efficient and effective.

In conclusion, reskilling and upskilling strategies have become central to the life of a company, and investing time in putting them into practice can only bring benefits to the company itself as well as to employees, who will feel stimulated and motivated to learn new things in order to contribute to the company’s development and growth.


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