The great resignation – What it is and how to stop it

Figures published some time ago by Aidp, the Italian Association for People Management, are unequivocal: voluntary resignations affect 60% of companies, concern various positions and mainly involve the areas of IT, production, marketing and sales.

Those choosing to change jobs are mainly workers between 26 and 35 years old, mostly employed in companies in northern Italy. The search for a more satisfying salary and the hope of finding a better work-life balance are particularly contributing to the so-called “great resignation”.

The “post” pandemic world of work reflects changes marked by increasingly relevant factors such as remote working and work-life balance, and now has to come to terms with this new variable. What one can read between the lines of this fast-developing phenomenon is the clear divide that has developed between the baby boomers (today’s 50-year-olds), who often occupy the top positions within companies, and the millennials and Generation Z, the youngest.
The reasons for voluntary resignation are not always entirely obvious.

What is certain, however, is that Italian workers have, in recent months, thought a lot about their priorities, career and professional goals, bringing their interest in well-being, involvement and the fundamental values of life back to the centre. Not just work, in short.

They range from professional relationships with colleagues and superiors to salary increases, from the search for a more interesting job to corporate values with which they identify, from time to themselves to the possibility of working remotely, from career opportunities to specialisation in an area of interest, from the corporate climate to the personal desire for change and new experiences.

What is required, by workers and companies, is a good dose of flexibility, open-mindedness and the ability – of everyone – to adapt to change.
In other words… there is an increasing need for
emotional intelligence.

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